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Download the DEED App – Here’s why

DEED is an app on your phone unique to any other. It lists volunteering opportunities around you in your area. Once you make a profile, you can surf around pictures of “good deed” options to perform based on what fits into your schedule. Once you pick something you can easily share it over text to invite your friends so they can sign up and make a difference with you.

As of right now it’s only available in New York City, but it will soon spread all over the East coast! Our friend Anthony started the whole thing and it’s kicking off in NYC. So far I’ve been to two events, and was amazed at how simple the whole process was.

The first one was at Encore Community Center in Manhattan, right outside of Times Square. The Nursing home was putting on a social for their seniors. We helped serve food to them, and then after lunch we spent quality time on the dance floor! All types of music from every decade was played, including the new hits. My friend Daven was drastly affected that day, as I noticed him with quiet old ladies in a corner somewhere that didn’t want to dance. With a couple of them, he got them on the dance floor and they had all sorts of moves they wouldn’t have gotten to use if he hadn’t helped them come out of their shell. Some told stories, some just laughed and sang along with the lyrics, but everyone was dressed to impress – women with their makeup freshly done and were wearing all the jewelry they owned!

The second one I attended was this week, at a Children’s Hospital in the Bronx. We collected toys for the kids that were undergoing or waiting for a heart transplant. Kids from elementary schools in the area brought 1st graders to make crafts and gifts for “the sick children that lived upstairs in the hospital.” We had to explain it like that to them because they wanted to take the toys and crafts home that they had made. A big area in the mezanine was filled with craft tables, set-up by Harboring Hearts, the non-profit that was putting on the event. Around 40 kids came in at a time, in shifts, making blankets, pouring sand bottles, drawing, cutting, making cards and most of all, being totally silly! They had a volunteer dressed as OLAF and all the kids were dancing and singing songs with him as they ate snacks and celebrated. Later, the volunteers brought the gifts to the children upstairs that were awaiting heart transplants. Man, over and over in my mind I kept thinking I really have had an easy life. I was trying to keep it together as I noticed how tough and strong these kids were and my heart about melted in response.

My friend Monica has been to five events over the last 3 weeks and it has totally changed the way she looks at the world! She’s started journaling about how grateful she is for what she has, and has met a ton of new friends in the big city. It’s like her eyes were opened just by changing what she did in her free time, and from that I see a confidence about her that makes her shine!

This will soon be the “hey let’s go meet up for coffee.” Instead of having endless lunches or watching movies with friends, people will opt in on the “bring-along-a-friend” atmosphere of the local volunteering world. If you live in NYC, what are you doing, go download the app!

If you are in an East coast city and want to start the DEED community in your area, email —>
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