Archive | October, 2016

Take the muscle-up off the pedestal

Take the muscle-up off the pedestal. I preach this every chance I get because it’s just another movement! There are hundreds of things to work on in CrossFit, and they’re all manageable if you put in the work required. Clean and jerking 135 lbs, stringing together wall balls, high box jumps, kipping pull-ups, a 100 lb snatch! All these things come easier for some than others depending on our background athletics before we first stepped foot in a CrossFit gym.

For me, personally, I walked into the gym and started classes, and two weeks into doing CrossFit did a strict ring muscle-up. I remember looking around the room and being like, “cool, I did it! Now what’s next… hmmm.” I moved on to trying to tackle double unders and wall balls for the next 6 months. Something about those two movements were so hard for me and I had to practice alllll the time! I had whips on my arms from messing up on the rope and bloody lips from being stuffed by a 16 lb wall ball I could only do in sets of 5s. For the people that get their first double under with barely any effort: I am happy for you but I also think you are an alien and I will never understand you.

I realize most people (women in general) have a lack of upper body strength that needs to be trained before they’re capable of achieving this upper body feat of strength. But that doesn’t mean this movement is intangible, impossible, or HAS ANY POWER OVER YOU! Switch your thinking to something positive…. “it’s something I have to keep working on. It’s just like any other movement I haven’t gotten. I will achieve a muscle-up, but just haven’t yet.”

Our fitness journeys and accomplishments are so different because we were all created so differently. That’s why it’s so beautiful! If it were easy anyone could do it and we wouldn’t appreciate it… be thankful to have a gym where you can walk up to a set of rings or a pull-up bar and get stronger! Modified or Rxd strict dips and strict pull-ups will pay off, but you need to start somewhere. 1st, you need to BELIEVE it’s possible, 2nd you need to WORK.

Take that muscle-up off the pedestal and go attack the work that will get you there. Good luck you guys!