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Sub 3 Minutes with Me!

Have a few seconds?? Then you can tune in and watch CrossFit Games new show “Sub 3 minutes” where Sevan Matossian interviews me about my move- and NO, it’s not because it will “be easy.”

Watch the longer uncut version.

Andrea Ager- Colorado bound for 2014

This week I will be leaving SoCal, and moving back home to Colorado, to compete in the South West Region for the 2014 season.It is the best early Christmas present my family would have never dreamed of, so it’s been really exciting to plan my move back to my hometown of Arvada. As the oldest, I have been watching from afar as my brothers and sisters grow from kids to young adults, and have missed the closeness of my family since I moved in pursuit of a dream, just three short years ago.

I myself, showed up wide-eyed in LA finding a never-ending theme of learning and growing. Powered by my dreams and ambitions, I attempted to go every route possible all at once. I went through experiences that brought me to the team finals of the CrossFit Games, to coaching at and being apart of six unforgettable gym communities, to competing at a level around the world I knew would lead me back to the big stage where only the “proven” were allowed to make a run for the “fittest on earth.”

The Southern California region has shown me how to fight with passion, and how to prove ourselves on demand, event after event. I have developed an undeniable respect for the individual women that have represented our region: Kris Clever, Becca Voigt, Lindsey Valenzuela, and Val Voboril. All four of them have stood proudly on the CrossFit Games podium, and I consider them “as proven as it gets.” I personally thank them for pushing me to my max potential and giving me the taste of the Games, in our very own SoCal arena, year after year.

Competitions all over the world have opened up doors for big scale podiums, bragging rights, prizes, and even big purses to help glorify the accomplishment of being tested and crowned the most well-rounded athlete there. Sponsors have allowed women like myself to become professional athletes, as the sport grows and flourishes with strong female role models of hard work and discipline. I thank God for each opportunity to see the world, teach seminars, and be an open book, with nothing to hide. However, at the end of the day, I wouldn’t be fooling anyone if I said I go to sleep with prayers and dreams of anything but earning a spot to the Games.

To all my fans, friends, and supporters, you can expect my full focus for 2014 in a new environment of training. God has blessed me with clarity and anticipation as my love for family and CrossFit take me back home.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” -Saint Francis of Assisi

Hoist interview with Andrea

Have you ever wondered the answer to these questions about Andrea? Well tune into this interview by Hoist at a recent AgerBomb seminar of hers, and find out the answers!

What got you to start competing in CrossFit?

Does your family think you are nuts?

Are you ever disappointed after competitions?

Why do you love coaching movement and teaching seminars?

What level of athletes are able to come to your seminars?

Is CrossFit for everyone?

Teaching Weightlifting Video and Future Travels


I will remember Melbourne Australia by teaching my very first “training camp,” where we spent 3 days doing a 4 seminar each day. Each day had completely different focus and feel, and by the time I left I felt like I had emptied most of my CrossFit knowledge on the same group of people and that I had actually made an impact. Too many times I walk away after seminars thinking…. oh I should have said this. I should have made time to make that point. I should have taught them that drill… we had time. The learning curve on experimenting with seminars and organizing a well-rounded group of skills and movement patterns is tricky. Coming up on my 10th one, I am understanding that delivering a standard- uniform seminar is important, but making each unique and special for that specific group is a high priority to me as well.
It’s easier to say goodbye when all anyone is doing is trying to find a time when I can come back. A tour maybe in the future there, we’re organizing with gyms to make a two week span where I get to experience all sorts of gyms in different parts of the country. Promises of the future and trying to come up with arrangements to tour again, or teach in 6 months, as if it’s no lil thing to just time travel a whole day and then time travel back. At this point, it’s easier if I just live one day at a time because it can get overwhelming looking ahead to see what we can plan or where it can fit in the puzzle of dates and schedules.
Because the training camp lasted so many days with the same group of people, no one was shy- and treated me like a friend. They told me all about the culture differences between Melbourne and Sydney, and about the fashion trends and accents that differ between all the cities in Australia. Their accents cracked me up and we discussed all the weird words they say and things they thought I said sounded so strange! Mostly we talked about animals- and their marsupials! Within my last 48 hours, I got to feed wombats in the middle of the night while it was raining in a green gigantic park, while one had a baby on it’s back! I got to see kangaroos even though they were in captivity and even saw little joeys popping out of their mommas bellies and learned so much about wombats and platypuses. Do I usually drink coffee?– NO. I do not need coffee. But at the posh little cafes we went to the baristas delivered such delicious tiny hits that I was convinced to become a coffee-hollic that required a relaxing friend-ful coffee break every day for a week.
How many continents can I teach in? A newfound goal of mine is to see the world by having a focus of teaching in different CrossFit gyms and studying movement patterns in different corners of the earth. I never imagined this would have been on my to-do list for this year, but when good people come together with a plan and big hearts– who am I to decline! Africa down, Australia down, what will be next? I heard a rumor of a Latin America tour coming in 2014…. shshsshsh…. so far it’s a secret.
If your gym would like to be included in a tour, or want an AgerBomb seminar at your box, please go to my website you’re on right now (thanks for dropping by!) and click the “request a visit” tab. We will be getting back to the gyms as soon as we can, and try to fit them into our schedule.
I don’t even want to know what my “footprint on the earth” is this year- it’s bad. I remember studying that in school, and realizing how much energy it takes to fly even once a year! Ok Ok…. I’m trying to recycle and use less water and stuff to even it out ok… Because for right now it’s way too fun to stop traveling and teaching!