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NutriForce Sport sponsored athlete

Me, Annie Thorisdottir and Spencer Hendel. Not bad company, eh!

Me, Annie Thorisdottir and Spencer Hendel. Not bad company, eh!


I’ve been saying polite, “No Thank You’s” to endorsements and sponsorships since I started CrossFit. It wasn’t until I tried NutriForce products and made friends with the people that run the company, that I felt like maybe it was a good idea for me.

When I kept in contact with NutriForce, I realized how much passion they had for training and performance. They were persistant about the quality of the product, because they knew that was important to me. I can honestly say I felt like I was in good hands as an athlete.

Eating clean and eating lots of meats and vegetables and plenty of food throughout the day has always come natural to me. I was originally leaning out because of CrossFit, and my body seemed to be functioning fine on its own, so why stir anything up with supplements? I was never known to be someone who drank protein or pre-workout shakes, preferred to be all-natural.

I’ve come to really like their products! I like the taste of their protein that has little flakes of milk and white chocolate, without as much sugar as some of the leading brands I’d tried. I feel like a mad scientist mixing the flavors to drink what I like!

As I don’t like drinking fish oil but know it has such good effects for training, I usually just take capsules. I like their fish oil because they have a capsule with quadruple the amount of Omega 3’s, which I recover well with, and don’t have to take as many.

NutriForce has helped me travel to recent competitions and given me opportunities that I really value, and I’m happy to work with them this year! We’ll see what it has in store, as I think we’ll have some exciting beginnings as a team.

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Fashletics: AgerBomb- Making the Elite

Fashlete of the month

For the month of April, Fashletics, an online company that makes stunning CrossFit Jewelry, featured me! They had me write an article, and I chose to talk about the SoCal competitors in our region that I coach called “Making the Elite.” Coaching tips and perspective, good community building ideas for athletes that want to make it to the top!

Check it out at Fashletics.

Live- In the excitement of 13.5

Battling through the thrusters in the first round

Battling through the thrusters in the first round

Lines wrapping all the way around the Civic Center from 1:30-4:00.

Lines wrapping all the way around the Civic Center from 1:30-4:00.

Rory starting the last Open announcement

Rory starting the last Open announcement

Today didn’t feel real. I think it was actually a CrossFit dream that I can’t shake myself out of. It was filled with mystical characters that only exist on youtube and on covers of magazines and all over ESPN. Being included in the action of the 13.5 announcement made me realize what I had been missing out on by just watching it on my computer screen, anticipating what this week would possibly have in store for us.

The second day in Santa Cruz started early, as I woke up and went on a run. Got to know the area a little bit, then went straight to the gym where I did a workout Sam programmed for me to do with some running and DB man-makers. It was brutal, but I liked how focused I felt. Being away from the business of Los Angeles and into the relaxed vacation feeling I felt a focused independence I hadn’t had in a training session in a while.

After getting ready, I headed to the restaurant where I had lunch with a bunch of people that were also staying at our hotel. Sam, her coach, and a few friends of CF media were hanging out. Sam mentioned not being used to “all the hype” around CrossFit that there was today. Back in London, this isn’t the everyday, big deal it is here in the States. Then Castro showed up with some of the main events. Khalipa and… Hmmm I don’t know if you’ve heard of him… but how about the fittest man on Earth? First time I had ever met Rich Froning Jr. Shaking hands with someone you’ve only seen on TV or online… or from the top of bleachers at the Games…. was pretty surreal!

Instantly I was trying to soak everything in! Every comment, every mention of names, every reference to training or eating. I was laughing most the time because Khalipa was being funny, asking Castro, “what the freakin workout was” all lunch. I can imagine it’s more the suspense than anything that would drive you crazy. Froning was staying with him and they had trained with eachother non-stop, which reminded me of how Neal and Khalipa are so close and Rich and Bailey are such close training partners. Usually, I’m story after story girl, but not today. I was Andrea-good-listener. At one point Khalipa even asked, “So… what’s going on with you?” Quickest way I could turn the attention off me because I felt so unworthy was…”Oh nothin… coaching classes, training…nothin.” THAT was my answer. Shy-Andrea rarely comes out, but man she took over today, and she is a weirdo. Dave Lipson was planning his hotel workout which was, “50 DB man-makers for time, all out: No warm-up.” lol

After lunch I walked outside to have a really good conversation with CJ Martin. One of the most well-known programmers in our sport, he was up from San Diego, helping coach Camille. Feeling pressured to take notes during our conversation it was so good, I got to hear his take on each Open workout. Swapping strategies and talking about athletes and online programming, I was interested in his low-volume style of work-load. Next, the anticipation was building up as we were about to leave to watch the show!

Showing up to the Civic Center felt like we were at a Harry Potter movie premier! People were stacked in thick lines circling the entire block! A thick sea of CrossFit boxes, Nano shoes, board shorts, bright LuLulemon. It was a lot o fit people in one area, that’s for sure! As we snuck into the VIP door, (yes, still part of the dream) I met my roommate for a spot next to the stage in the front row. They had a hand stand holding competition that Maddy won! The whole time our gymnast phenom was narrating the competition and what their stance was like and that they were shakey, and that she needed to breathe, cause she was going to outlast all of them! She did, and won a pair of Nanos… not too bad, doing something as easy for her as sitting in a chair. Maybe for our team-effort I’ll get to wear them once or twice 😉

Miranda, Rory, and Dave came out for the announcement dressed in suits! When they announced the workout of thrusters and chest to bar pullups, they added a twist that would make it almost impossible to make it past the first round for anyone. The four minute rounds having to do Chest to Bar Fran each time, staying consistent and making it to the next level “if you were good enough” reminded me of a video game. OH! Good job, you made it to the next level by sprinting, now you have to keep working out for 4 minutes.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Sam Briggs went first, and set the bar HIGH. With 5 inch different heights, different body types, and totally different strengths in CrossFit, it was a battle to prove who was the toughest. Camille’s butterfly pullups were astonishingly fast, and went all of the first 6 rounds totally unbroken of 15 pullups. Sam ended up being 5 pullups short of making it to the 3rd round, as she cheered on Camille through her third round.

When the boys finally went, there was so much hype and energy! They came out wearing eachother’s shirts, and were anxious to start. The first two rounds they were identically matched up, rep for rep. For Khalipa’s size, you could tell he was trying to stay with him on the chest to bar pullups, it was impressive! I swear I’m going to lose my voice from yelling and cheering from inches away. When Froning barely finished the second round, and made it into the 12 minute bracket as Khalipa didn’t finish, we all knew he’d be on his own for the next four minutes, which wasn’t an easy task. Seeing these athletes give it their all was so motivational! My favorite part about watching really good athletes in any sport compete, is they always make it look so smooth, graceful, easy. At one point I thought…”oh ok… he’s starting to break it all up… So i he’s feeling this way at… 10 minutes. I’ll probably feel that same way at about… 6 minutes!”

When Rory Mckernan (2011-12 Update show host)and Boz (head Games judge, L1 trainer) did the workout after the show, it put it all into perspective. These are both pretty descent athletes that score pretty high in their region, and both tried really hard to push past that first four minute barrier, and couldn’t. My guess is that 95% of the people in the Open will have a 4 minute amrap in front of them, and they’re counting on a sprint of a first round.

We hung out with fans for a while, that was really fun talking to the local CrossFitters. At the hotel was a fun dinner party around the pool that I hung around and visited at for a few hours. Having to get up early, I ended up leaving so I could write it all down so I wouldn’t forget what today was like!

My big take-away: What did I realize from this experience? That you have to start somewhere. Everyone’s starting point is completely different, as we’re all have such unique lives and training leading up to our first day in a CrossFit box.  Being at this level is just a continuation of that beginner feeling. Since none of us are perfect athletes, and none are invincible, the training expands, but no one feels they’re near the end of the road. Emphasis on enjoying every piece of the lime light, while  knowing it all reflects on the long hours training in the gym.

Santa Cruz 13.5 Announcement

You can see how far north Santa Cruz if rom Los Angeles. it was a short flight, but it feels like a different state.

You can see how far north Santa Cruz if rom Los Angeles. it was a short flight, but it feels like a different state.


briggs v leblanc-bazinet


Me, Sam and Camille downstairs at the hotel. They were joking about which songs they each picked to come out to for the ‘battle’ against each other tomorrow.


Where did the Open go? Five weeks went blazing by, as we’re wrapping up the last workout of the entry level of the 2013 CrossFit Games.
As some 140,000 wait by their computers and cell phones anxiously refreshing as the workout’s about to be announced, we all form guesses in our heads, or imagine what we’d ideally want to see.
This weekend is a double show-down. Most people will be watching online on Wednesday as Dave Castro announces what workout Camille and Sam Briggs (currently ranked #1 and #2 worldwide), and Rich Froning and Jason Khalipa (currently ranked #1 and #6 worldwide) take part in a versus-style CrossFit battle.

Last weekend, I went to a celebration in Beverly Hills for Christmas Abbott with Dave and Greg Glassman. I ended up getting an opportunity to fly to Santa Cruz to watch the announcement on Wednesday of the final workout of 13.5. Changing my week around, and hastily leaving Hollywood on short notice, I took off to what the  Southern Californian’s call “up north,” a vague discription of the bay area, Los Gatos, San Jose, Santa Cruz, San Francisco.  Once on the plane, all I could anticipate was that I had no clue how everything was going to happen. Living one day at a time is tricky when planning trips, and I had no idea what to expect.

After landing, and taking a taxi to the hotel,   Sam Briggs (currently ranked #1 in the world for the Open) was walking in the door as I was getting out. I hadn’t seen her since my trip to London, and watching her compete online and seeing how far she was ahead of everyone worldwide, I had been so anxious to talk to her! Reminding myself to “play it cool,” almost never works in these situations. I was signing for the taxi, and ran in for a hug and met her coach, and was in CrossFit-dork mode. Then the taxi guy comes up and is like … “Miss… you forgot your luggage!”
Bags… who needs bags, really? Not me.

Then the three of us decided to head to the hot tub where we had good talks about everything CrossFit! Past Games workouts kept coming up, and since we both hadn’t competed last year in the 2012 Games we chatted about doing the workouts on our own and which were our favorites.  As she was out for a knee injury, she had a positive outlook on recovering and being back with a purpose; it’s nice to talk to someone who can empathize.  She was telling crazy firefighter stories as I was trying to follow her thick English accent. Our sport sets apart because so much of it is based online, and we’re so spread out all over the world and we’re depending on learning, practicing, self discipline and the ever-changing elements.  CrossFitters could talk about standards for hours! And we did.

Later, we met for dinner, talking about different CrossFit sponsorships and telling crazy stories. Remembering workouts from the London Throwdown, and the differences between such extremely cultures; Los Angeles city vs. the hills of Manchester .  Camille and her husband Dave Lipson dropped in and it was so cool anticipating what the next day was going to be like. When I got to my hotel room there was a care package full of paleo healthy treats like pecan butter, seaweed, beef jerky, that was so fitting for a “CrossFitter.”