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Meet Corey Reed, blind amputee CrossFitter

Me, Corey and Kayla the night before SICest of the Southwest

Me, Corey and Kayla the night before SICest of the Southwest

Kenny Kane, who coaches at CFLA introduced me to Corey Reed at a WodCast PodCast recording. Not only did Kane MC the SICcest of the SW, but he was also coaching the only team in CrossFit history to have a blind amputee representing their gym. Corey started out as a blind professional wake boarder, got in an accident and lost his right leg. Hearing the stories of the baby steps he started out with, all the way to him doing his do burpee box jump so trustingly was unbelievable. My favorite story was that in preparation for the competition, the whole team was united when they had to complete a run together, totally blind folded.

My good friend Kenny Leverich that represented SoCal in the 2012 Games this year, said it best when he met him in Phoenix. He told him everything he’s ever accomplished is nothing compared to how inspiring Corey is. Sharing the passion for our sport, and at the end of the day is just another Kool-aid drinkin fire breather that wants nothing more than to get PR’s, accomplish his goals, and get stronger. After how much he’s triumphed physically, I can’t imagine the mental battle running through his brain.

When looking around the press conference the night before, seeing a buff CrossFit-looking guy socializing with everyone, wearing jeans, and sunglasses inside, you might not assume right off the bat he’s blind. Until you see his girlfriend doing the same thing, with their seeing eye dog right in-between them. He ran up to me between heats and said that, the rumor has it… I was wearing a “For Him,” Jesus shirt. (Of course he was right!) He reached down with a huge smile and showed me the big white cross on his prosthetic leg. Getting to know him throughout the day, and tell him what the “energy is like” and explaining the competitive atmostphere to him was surreal. There were people in small groups everywhere, all having similar conversations about the team wods, the individual athletes, and the venue…. All trying to ignore the intensity of the stage that was right in front of us. Describing my very favorite place… a CrossFit competition, to someone that could ‘feel it’ but not see it, was quite the spiritual experience.

SICest of the Southwest

Last weekend, I competed at the SICest of the Southwest competition in Phoenix, Arizona. I finished in 3rd place, after Kristan Clever and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet tied for first place one point ahead of me. Here were the WODs and how I did in each.

WOD #1
3 minutes to establish 1 rep max ground-to-overhead. Score: 8th place 170 lbs
60 seconds of rest
12 minutes: 2K row + as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) burpees over rowers.
2K row score: 4th place 8:12, total burpees score: 2nd place 55 burpees

WOD #2
Up to 6 rounds:
One round = 5 Dead Lift (DL) – #205, 8 chest to bar (C2B) pull-ups, 120Meter shuttle run (20M segments) within 60 seconds, if all components are not completed within 60 seconds that athlete will not move on to an additional set
60 seconds of rest (for those who successfully completed the previous round).
For all who make it to the 6th round the score will be based on rounds plus reps or just rep.

Wod #2 score – 4th place 00:47

WOD #3
For Time with a 16 minute cap, scores will be based on time work is completed
or work completed within time cap

5 burpee wall climbs over 6′ foot wall
1k on watt bike
100 double under’s (du’s) ropes provided
15 deficit handstand pushups (hspu) with #25 plate, kipping allowed.
30 toes to bar (T2B)
15 hang cleans #115
30 thrusters #65
100 double under’s (du’s)
1k on watt bike
5 burpee wall climbs over 6′ foot wall

WOD #3 score – 1st place 14:48

Overall 2nd place