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My dream

I have a Dream. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

My name is Andrea Ager. And I like to run. When I was 14 years old I told my dad
I was going to workout every day for a year. Why… ‘Because it’s
really good for you, and it’s really fun.’

Fast forward a few years and I was a multi-sport collegiate athlete at
the end of my career. I was afraid of becoming ‘washed up’ and no
longer being the athlete I knew I was. I came across the rising sport
of CrossFit. Immediately I connected to phrases like… race against the clock…
quality of movement… competitive environment. When I heard the words
“not specialized”, knowing the only thing I had to offer was speed, I
decided this was the challenge I was looking for.

Becoming part of the community, learning and playing with everyone is
how I got to where I am today.  The continuous cycle of being taught,
making mistakes, coaching and being an example has been more
productive, and more rewarding than I could have ever hoped for. At my
box I found a place that I could spend unending hours improving,
creating, laughing, and loving something that was much bigger than

I dreamed of moving to California, becoming an HQ trainer, making it
to the Games, and building a community. I wanted to do it my way, fusing my Exercise Science Degree and passion for fitness, into a place where CrossFit is
truly for everyone.

Dreams can be exciting, but they can also be scary.  I was leaving
my family, friends, and everything that I ever knew behind.  The rules
were ‘undefined’ and the future unknown but this was for me. Sometimes
being uncomfortable is the only way to save yourself from settling.
I packed everything I could fit, including my brother and mom for
support, into my old beat up Camry, I headed west and dedicated the
life God gave me to my pursuit of CrossFit.

I’m in love with what my life has become. Coaching classes.
Enthusiasm. Standards. Competition. Training partners.
Trading nights of wild entertainment for nights of hard work and
discipline. The sport is new, fresh, even popular. But if it weren’t,
I’d still be doing it.

The bond I have with my clients is very personal. There is a mother of
three, who likes to remind me she has been working out for longer than
I’ve been alive but still doesn’t have the confidence to deadlift more
than 75 lbs. With some encouragement she was inching her way up to 100
lbs, and with every lift she didn’t believe she was strong enough to
make the next. By the time she got to 120, I grabbed my camera and
said I was going to take a picture at the top. She got nervous about
the picture, and how her husband has never seen her do anything like
this! As she’s pulling the bar up, I can see all the pride and
surprise in her smile. At that moment, a tear ran down her cheek and
she said, “I’ve just never been so proud of myself before.” I’ll never
forget what it was like to share that experience with her.

Making it to the Games as a team athlete was one of the best things
I’ve ever been apart of. Succeeding together, failing together,
growing as a family together, and representing our region amongst the
best teams in the world was life changing. Remembering the energy
gives me chills
and motivates me to want to build a community of people with the
opportunity to experience and be part of ‘something bigger than
themselves.’ It has been said that a great coach will someday coach
people to be better than they were but we’re not all going to the games. I coach
people to be better than they ever thought they could be. Opening this
gym will help me do that on an amazing scale. I now realize that this
isn’t a dream; this is life.

I train CrossFit. I live CrossFit. I am CrossFit. We are all CrossFit.
Help me do for CrossFit what CrossFit has done for me. Feed my dream,
and I will share it with everyone that crosses my path.

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